These drive shafts  are used  for  transmission of  power  from  the drive  (motor)  to the driven (Gear-box).  We manufacture single span,  floating  drive shafts with flexible couplings and these do not require any lubrication. The flexibility  to the Couplings is provided by the Neoprene Rubber Bushes. These take care of minor mis-alignments in the gear box and the motor. Each of  the Drive Assembly has  to  be  dynamically  balanced  to  ensure  smooth  and  vibration free performance,
These Drive Shafts are of varying lengths and thickness as per site conditions and requirements. These are designed based on:-
1). The Motor Power (Fan power),
2). The Distance Between Shaft Ends (DBSE) of Drive and Driven component,
3). Material of Drive Shaft (Mild Steel / Stainless Steel: Grade- 304, 316, 316L, Carbon Fibre e.t.c) &
4). Other operating conditions.
The length varies from 800 mm to 5000 mm. Our drive shafts model range starts from power transmission from a 5.0 H.P motor to 250
H.P motor at a speed of 800 RPM – 1800 RPM.
Manufacturing and testing of shafts is as per the QAP. The Drive shafts are balanced to tolerances as per ISO – 1940, Gr.6.3,
Sr. L-10 Drive Shaft. Capable of driving 10 meter Diameter fan, suitable for a  200 H.P motor, Total Length 4560 mm, MOC – Complete SS-304.
Dynamically balanced In House, at 1440 RPM,
For smaller Models, with lower Motor power and lengths we have various other models. These too, may be of MS- HDGI, S.S- 304 or S.S- 316, Carbon Fibre.
Fully Digital Dynamic Balancing Machine
Designed to balance our Flexible Drive shafts till 2000 RPM
Maximum DBSE 5000 mm, Fully Digital
Pipe To Flange Welding S.S 304
These Drive shafts are manufactured 100% inside our spacious workshop under scrutiny of our Qualified Engineers and Quality Control (QC) dept.. Tolerances are maintained well within the limits as per relevant standards.

We have been making Cooling Tower Drive Shafts for more than 25 Years now. Our product has found acceptance all over our Country as well in many other countries. Our Metallic Drive Shafts have been giving Flawless performance to numerous customers. With change in Technology we are continuously developing prototypes to make the product easy to install.