Cross Flow  – Induced Draught – Cooling Towers

All bigger models are based on Inducing or pulling air inside the cooling tower, Forced Draught system exists only for very small design with limited uses. In a Cross Flow Design, the Air is pulled Inside Horizontally through Vertically falling water, (at a perpendicular angle), in fill area where Air & Water come in contact with each other.

A Cross Flow Cooling tower typically offers better maintenance access. This is largely due to easy access inside the Unit via the plenum area, the water distribution area at the Cooling Tower top as well as access from the louver or the Air Entry Sides. Especially suited for operation with Contaminated Water or Air or both.

This design offers optimal performance even with high degree of flow variation, with Actual flow coming down to even 30% of the design flow (in some cases). This is also referred as Turndown Capacity.

All the above factors make Cross Flow design Ideal for Cooling Applications for Process Water .

Typically Being a  Mechanical System, The Fan is Situated at the Top of the Unit driven by a Gearbox connected remotely to a Motor via Driving Shaft. The motor is situated outside the Fan Canopy (and hot humid air) for easy access and maintenance. The air is pushed Upwards by the fan after it has passed through the falling water. The water cooled in this process, is collected in a basin at the bottom of the Cooling Tower.

SVCT has designed & installed Cross Flow Cooling Towers with Height range of 3 Metres to 14 Metres. Waterflow handling is from 50 Cubic Mtres per hour of water (or CMH) to 4000 CMH.

Internals like Fills are predominantly of Splash Design in form of V Bars / Triangular Bars / Blocks etc, hung on Stainless Steel Wires or Grids. Film Fill can also be used to increase capacity of an Existing Design.

Drift Eliminators are used to Stop excess water droplets from escaping with hot exhaust air.

Structure of Cooling Tower can be Made in RCC or Pultruded FRP or Wood.

Ideal for Effluent Treatment Plants / Direct Process Water or Contaminated water having carry over. Carrying out maintenance activity on Internals in a Counter Flow Design Cooling Tower, is on the other Hand very difficult.