Pultruded FRP Cooling Towers

FRP comes forward as a much better structural alternative than Timber or RCC. It is Both Light weight and lon Lasting, besides its ease of fabrication in lengths of upto 40 feet. 

SVCT has been making PFRP CTs since 2012. SVCT offers pultruded FRP CTs keeping in mind the latest CTI Guidelines, past experiences and Industrial Practices, with emphasis on safety, accuracy and quality. All load bearing structure profiles have minimum thickness of One-Fourth-Inch, giving the system a longer, more dependable life. Choice of Colour variants is also available in larger Units.

Exactly similar to Timber CTs in shapes and Sizes

Only difference that the Timber Structure is now replaced by FRP profiles pultruded in same sizes as the existing Timber ones.

This allows for Easy switch from Timber to PFRP design with great ease and speed.

Some profiles used are Square / Rectangular Columns, C Channels, Round Bars and Pipes, I & H sections besides Flats, Angles and Sheets.

Long Length pieces upto 12 Mtr long easily available

A Large 5000 CMH Cooling Tower for Process Cooling in a Steel Plant. Longer pieces allow faster erection (reducing overall shut down time) and fewer joints,


Now two cells can be joined more easily

Multiple Small Same Size Cells combined, to become a Large 3000 CMH Cooling Tower for Process Cooling in a Chemical Refinery

Weighs Lighter than Timber

A Medium 2400 CMH Cooling Tower for Process Cooling in a Chemical Plant, mounted on roof of building. Hence Recovery Basin with minimal water Holdup has been used.


Small PFRP Profiles Give Package Cooling Towers longer Life

A Package Type CT, with Pultruded FRP Structure. No Metallic Frame is used. Ideal for Installations with Corrosive Environments.

Even Package Cooling Towers now fully Serviceable

Now you do not need to scrap PFRP package CTs if anything is broken. All of it sparts are easily replaceable.

Battery of Small PFRP Structure units as an alternate for One Bigger Cooling Tower.

Good Life, Portable, Easy Maintenance


A Field Erected Cooling Tower.

Work in progress.

Based on modular approach, Cooling Towers can now be made extremely big and suitable for most difficult duty conditions.

Entire structure (including mechanicals) is supported by FRP Columns which are installed on pedestals in the RCC Basin. There are no RCC or Metallic supports (above the basin curb) necessary for supporting any part of the Cooling Tower.

Any Existing Timber Cooling Tower can now be easily converted into Pultruded FRP design.
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