Timber Seasoning, Treatment & CT Production

SVCT premium TQM policy ensures that only the best material reaches its customers to give the best life to the final Product i.e cooling towers.

The process starts from the point of receipt when sorting is done of the material into structural and non structural parts. After this it is kept for natural seasoning in stacks in the storage area.
For manufacturing, the timber is fabricated first and then treated with AsCu pressure treatment process in accordance with IS-401 to protect the wood from bacterial, fungal and other attacks later
during its functional life. For export purposes we have treatment processes which do not involve treatment of timber with Arsenic, hence making the product 100% environment friendly and totally
Our works boast of (In House) state of art Pressure Treatment Plant which is capable of meeting toughest treatment requirements of all lengths and sizes.
Needless to say trained and dedicated workforce forms the backbone of our manufacturing facility. Because of this advantage we are able to keep our deliveries fast, as well as on schedule.


Regular sample checks are done to ensure that only proper timber finds its way into our cooling towers. Similarly post-treatment checks are done to ensure full impregnation of wood with proper dosage of chemicals. For this third party inspections are also done and only the conforming product finds its way to its user.

Regular check-ups with experts allow for best designs to come up for customers,

ASCU process / Timber seasoning

The timber is treated chemically (CCA) under pressure (for full penetration) for fungus free, long lasting timber components. Our pressure treatment vessel has a capacity to accommodate lengths up to 25 feet.